Human Resources Administrator

The Human Resources Administrator program will prepare individuals for employment in an Entry Level role with a Human Resources Department, or assisting an office manager. Topics will include recruiting and talent acquisition techniques, managing employee benefits, laws & regulations relating to employment, payroll systems, and improving your workforce.


Module Course
I Human Resource Functions & Systems
II Working With Others
III Organizational Communication
IV Corporate Environments & Business
V Labor & Employment Law
VI Compensation & Payroll Systems
VII Talent Acquisition
VIII Developing Your Workforce
IX Guiding Management & Supervision
X Human Resource as a Consultant
XI Crisis & Change Management
XII Ethics as a Human Resource
XIII Creating Internship Opportunities
XIV Externship


The Human Resources Administrator Program includes 660 hours weeks of class instruction plus an Externship of 240 hours in length. The total length of the program is 30 weeks at 900 clock hours.

Graduation Requirements

A student must attend class for the required number clock hours, successfully complete all class assignments, modules, and examinations achieving at minimum a grade of 70% or pass, and fulfill all financial obligations, prior to receiving a certificate of completion attesting to the successful completion of the program of study.

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