Student Guide: Preparing Your Resume

The objective of your resume is to generate results, to win an interview. One of the most important factors is to remember that a resume is not a history but your STORY. Your life's employment story is not a dry fact sheet or history. Make a list from this statement. What would make someone an ideal candidate? Take a moment and consider how each of these points will be helpful in your job search.

Every resume is one-of a kind marketing communication. Understanding this, your resume should be as company specific as possible. The information you gathered in your research will help you in your interview and job search journey. Once you have this plan it should be easy to have multiple resumes composed for the same industry. This will improve your chances of securing a job that best meets your objectives.

Your resume is your most important calling card in your job search. It should include the following information:

Contact Information. Include phone, mail and email contact information. In addition, make sure your voicemail message is professional. A message that is too casual can create a negative impression.

Career Objective. You may choose to list or not list your career objective. If your objective doesn't match the recruiter's needs, you may miss out on a golden opportunity. However, a clearly stated career objective can help your recruiter find your ideal career match.

Summary Statement. Your summary should be brief.
1.Include your title and years of experience.
2.List pertinent skills.
3.Discuss your character traits or work style.

Professional Experience. List each position held in reverse chronological order, dating back at least ten years. If you held multiple positions within the same company, list them all to show advancement and growth. The body of each position description should describe your responsibilities and accomplishments.

Other Components. Include education, professional training, affiliations/appointments, licenses, technical skills and languages.

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