Student Guide: Job Searching Techniques

There are several resources that you can use to look for a job:

  • Searching on line
  • Visiting Employers in person
  • Using recruitment agencies
  • Attending career job fair
  • Cold Calling Employers by phone
  • Sending speculative cover letters and CVs
  • Looking through newspaper

Ways to Search for Work

Sending Speculative Cover Letters and Curriculum Vitae

Always include a letter every time you send you curriculum vitae or resume. Chances are this will be read in full.

A Curriculum Vitae is also known as a CV, Vitae or Vita, in the United States a Curriculum Vitae is a detailed listing of your educational achievements, publications, presentations, or professional activities. and honors.

Looking Through Newspaper Job Classifieds

Is it possible to find great jobs through job advertisements? Yes.

Because despite the growing use of job search engines as means of bringing employers and employee together; some people still prefer to browse these online! Employers know this.

Jobs pages and job advertisements in local and sometimes national newspapers are still an excellent source of some very good jobs.

Searching Online

These are job search websites which also allow you to build (or upload) resumes and cover letters and submit these to employers, directly, on line.

Visiting Employers in Person

When you go in person it shows confidence and initiative. Most employers prefer to employ people who show some get up and go. It is to put cover letters and resumes in envelopes in attempt to find jobs, but it’s much harder to approach someone in person.

Using Recruitment Agencies

  • If you are looking for a job locally
  • Looking for immediate general temporary work
  • Wish to join a particular Company on a temporary basis (and that Company turned you down before)
  • Are looking for a job in a specialist field (use a specialized agency)
  • Have been unsuccessful in securing work through other means

Tips for Attending Career or Job Fairs

  • Wear proper interview clothes, Careers fairs are like job interviews, so make sure you dress smartly and professionally, as you would for a job interview.
  • Bring copies of your cover letter or resume to give to companies who you are interested in joining.
  • Take a briefcase or folder to keep these in and to hold company literature you pick up.
  • Arrive early. Career fairs get busy so make sure you arrive early to park and find time to get familiar with the fair layout. Often you have to register too.

Tips on Cold Calling

  • Do your research: Before you pick up the phone to an employer, do some research. Find out about the Company, who you need to talk to and what position they hold in the Company. You might find this on a website, or through the Company switchboard or secretary.
  • Plan your call: Write down what you are going to say and what you want to get out of the conversation. If you are looking for a particular job, write this down too, in case you are asked.

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