Student Guide: Interview Follow-up Techniques

The interview process is an ongoing one and your job is not done once you are done with an interview. For you to stand out to an employer, following-up after an interview is a good idea. You cannot sit back and wait for the job interview, you need to be proactive.

Most applicants think the interview is over when they leave the employer's office. But for the most experienced job-seekers, it is just beginning.

Follow-up Techniques and Tips

  • Following up after an interview gives you an edge over other applicants. This is done through a thank you letter immediately after the interview. If you haven't heard from the interviewer within the period specified at the interview, it is a good idea to follow up again.
  • Following up also gives you the opportunity to highlight strengths and to elaborate on anything that you didn't mention in your initial contact.
  • Express your continued interest and enthusiasm for the position and that you are looking forward to accepting the opportunity.
  • Keep the follow up professional & simple (no more than one page when writing).
  • Obtain each person’s business card at the interview, so you have the contact details for following up, and for preparing your thank you letter, etc.
  • Be persistent when following up, but never annoy the potential employer

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