Student Guide: Creating a Professional Network

Networking is a very important part of the job search. It has been estimated that as many as 70% of jobs are filled without being advertised. Many of these jobs are filled by word of mouth and advertising within the company.

Networking Advice

The process of networking is talking to people that you know and asking them to introduce you to others. This can be doing by asking directly for job leads, or less formally by asking for information and advice. Networking is not making cold-calls to people that you do not know. Over time everyone develops contacts - friends, family, neighbors, ex-colleagues, and anyone of these people may be able to help generate job leads. You will probably be surprised by the people they know, and a lead could come from somewhere you least expect it.

In the process of networking, remember that is important to not let your current employer know that you are actively searching for a new job until you are sure that you want them to know.

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