I have been in school for one month and I think that all of the staff at the school are very nice, courteous, and above all, very professional. I have learned a lot in little time in class and I like the class because the instructor wants you to learn and that I feel at ease while using the computer.

Claudia Gomez, Administrative Office Assistant Student

In coming to school I felt very nervous because I had never studied medicine. I didn’t have the slightest idea but the instructor helped me understand that I could learn. When I saw my classmates I thought “What am I doing here?” “What did I come here to do?” But I started having faith in myself . In my first day of school we went to the lab and had blood drawn. The instructor said, “Watch closely what you classmate is about to do”, but the last thing that I thought was that later it was going to be my turn but everything turned out all right and it gave me confidence in myself.

This school has given me the opportunity to open doors to life. The staff is very nice and worry about you and your academic progress. I like what I am studying here and I approach it with joy and dedication. I want to become somebody y I am certain that I can achieve it thanks to the support of the school as well as my effort.

Norma Anaya, Medical Assisting Student

All of the staff in each department is very courteous and very professional at each type of position. The instructor that I have is an instructor with a lot of professional talent, patience to teach, professionalism in the academic field and very respectful and nice with all of the students and provides ample teaching.

My experiences here have been very good, I feel good being here in this educational institute learning how to handle the computer which is something very important for the future to get a job which is different from the ones that I have had. It’s good to learn something new and to have a new experience.

Being here has given me confidence and motivation to succeed. It has been a very good experience to belong here at GDS institute.

Tomas Gutierrez, Administrative Office Assistant Student

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